At the end of most marriages or relationships, couples will need to come to an arrangement for the division of their property (including superannuation and other assets), spousal maintenance (if applicable) and child support for any children, and other related matters. If children are involved, many parents need to make ongoing arrangements for regarding the time they will spend or live with the other parent.

All couples and families seek to have a speedy and cost-effective resolution of their family law matters. Blanchfield Nicholls will always give appropriate advice for your family’s situation on the best way to resolve your dispute. In practice this includes guiding and advising you on reaching a negotiated settlement with your partner, rather than relying only on traditional court processes.

Negotiated settlements can be as simple as writing a letter to your former partner’s lawyer with a proposal settlement. Other times a round-table meeting is organised to try and resolve matters face to face.

If however your family needs a more formal process to resolve your dispute Blanchfield Nicholls can guide, advise and represent you across the full range of family law dispute resolution processes available.